Some people place you in their side pocket among their keys and billfold to take out only when you are useful to them, without care if you have been scratched, rumpled, or torn.

Others in their breast pocket, more tenderly, to be taken out like a small shiny object, perhaps of use as a secret talisman, or to be shown as borrowed i.d. to gain them entry into someone else’s esteem.

Still others place you in a purse, back pack, or computer bag jostled among their history of ticket stubs, old lipsticks, used tissues, and aging agendas to be rediscovered by happenstance when they search for someone else’s business card.

There are no pockets in someone’s heart. To be there your host had to have been willing to feel your essence and let it pervade their own. When that happens, your perfume will linger forever. If they let you know depends on who they are, what they understand of beauty and rarity, and how they tend love.

8 thoughts on “Pockets

  1. Oh my! This reminds me of a line by that great woman Anonymous: “Be of love a little bit more careful than on anything.”

  2. I save your posts until I have time to savor them and today I read this short one but so very meaningful in that you describe people that touch your heart and others that you are connected to by “pockets.” What is important is that if you are connected in some way, it could eventually progress to the heart from being in a pocket, may take happenstance or luck! Right now you are in the breast pocket!

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