What I Want: from Richard Gere to urban wolves

I want to lie, lazy and nearly naked, in the languid embrace of a sleeping lion with a scratchy mane, sweaty flanks, and the rank smell of wildness.

I want to regain for a moment the moment when I was 21 and walked into the sea wearing a black bikini of two 5″ bands across my white body and every head turned to watch.

I want the Israeli government and the Hamas and Fatah governments put on a boat and dumped on a small sandy island with only flowered shirts and baggy shorts to wear and packets of freeze dried hummus and bitter lemons dropped on them at random intervals. You might call it a blockade.

I want my ex-husband who is with a woman twenty years younger to know I’ve had the best sex of my life in the six years since I found out about her and left him.

I want Richard Gere to move in, wear white linen shirts, bake bread, and come up to me every day with a wine bottle in one hand, a glass in the other, and say, “Baby, I miss you.”

I want to swim again with the sea lion that whirled and twirled in front of me and looked into my eyes, stopping only to chase off two small sharks beneath us before returning to me to whirl and twirl again.

I want every poet, musician, artist, father, mother, farmer, and dreamer killed by war and violence – and all of their offspring who never were – to be returned to us.

I want addicts loved, the homeless sheltered, all sexes embraced, all ethnicities valued, and all children to be fed.

I want fewer liars and deceivers.

I want my dog to love me as much as he loves the people who take care of him when I am away even though I don’t walk him as much as they do or take him on paths where he sees deer.

I want the polar bears to survive, and wolves to proliferate so much that they enter urban centers, still with a glint in their eyes but politely moving to the side on sidewalks as they sniff out the nearest park with good water, or a coffee shop if they prefer.

I want to lie on my belly on new grass, my toes wiggling in a divot of mud, and hear the earth whisper that she will tend us the best she can even though we have not tended her.

I want the courage to hear the music that must exist across the cosmos of pain, grief, loss, desire, longing and even more of joy, brilliance, ecstasy, and light. I want it to permeate me but not vaporize me so I can return and try to tell others.

I want to accept. I want no child to lose his or her parents. I want love to prevail more often, more quickly, more evenly, and more obviously.

I want to hear every birdsong as though for the first time.

I want Richard Gere to move in, bake bread, and come up to me every day and say, “Baby, I miss you.”


11 thoughts on “What I Want: from Richard Gere to urban wolves

  1. Yes. “Baby, I miss you” Richard Gere and everyone awful on an Island would be lovely right now.

    Your Blog-Poem is wonderful, Patrica.

    • Jo, I am always so happy to hear from you – three of your origami cranes fly in my grandchildren’s room in my house. You are a model for me.

  2. I wish I had written that!

    A few things would be different, of course. The guy would be mostly Al, but I might have George Clooney in on bridge tourney weekends. You can keep Richard Gere – though he was awfully sexy a million years ago, in An Officer and a Gentleman. We’d invite Bill Moyers, Robert Reich, Michael Moore, Bernie Sanders, Van Jones, and Richard Rohr over for dinner, for starters – & you & your Richard, of course. And instead of a sea lion, it would be the gazelle that was as close as my foot is to my hip, one morning in the Galilee. Thank you, Patricia!

    • George Clooney on bridge tourney weekends! Oh, Mary! Now, Michael Moore, that’s interesting, and Bernie Sanders? Well, whatever you choose, I and my Richard will be pleased to be there. The gazelle in the Galiliee, sublime. How sweet is that?

  3. Like the saying goes, ‘Be careful of what you wish for’. You hear a knock on the door. You rush to open and there he is, Richard Gere with the bottle of wine and one glass to sip together. “Who are you?” you ask. “Richard Gere,” he responds. “but you dont look like him at all,” you say. “Yes, because the last time you saw me in a movie was thirty years ago,” he explains. Now will you close the door and say, “Sorry Pat does not live here any more”, or you will let him in and enjoy the evening. Your choice!

    • Mohammed, what an amusing post from you! Oh, I would let him in. I’ve seen recent photos. Still quite charming.

  4. Lovely!

    Not all our wants will be fulfilled, not even all our needs. But the power of the human mind is imagination and only in our innermost selves can we truly be free. So let us continue to think, dream, and sleep 🙂

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