The Narcissistic Personality: trouble in River City

This blog is not about what to do now. The answers to that are organize, unite, protect each other, and use every aspect of our judicial system to fight against incorporating hatred into the laws of our government and the mores of our social structures. This blog is about understanding the nature of Donald Trump’s mind and not being naïve. He is a dangerous man who does not know what is happening in the real world because he experiences only the world he has created for himself as a classic narcissist living in a world where hate is legitimate, lies are normal conversations, and he is entitled to delude people from the golden chairs in his tower and spew petty twitter rants from his bed. 

Operating principles of a narcissist:

1) Narcissists don’t care about you because you don’t exist to them as a real human.

2) The world they construct in their heads is the only world they perceive.

3) They experience themselves at the center of this artificial world.

4) They are often charismatic because their belief in themselves at the center of their world has a spillover effect on others, i.e. they believe they are great, and this can be seductive.

5) This spillover effect reinforces their sense of superiority and entitlement to whatever they wish. This is manifest often in a sense of ownership of people of the opposite sex.

6) Because their world is small and of their making, they are freed of any obligations towards integrity, honesty, consistency, compassion, or keeping of contracts and promises. Truth is irrelevant in this world where they are, essentially, the only inhabitant. Pathological lying is their language because they can change the contents of their private world from one moment to the next, eliminate this, add that. They don’t fully compute that real people in an “outside” world keep track of their inconsistencies and don’t like obfuscation, denials, and trickery.

7) Rage, duplicity, aggression, and divisiveness are their most common tools against people who confront them. They willingly send their minions after such people.

8) To mock, expose, or criticize them provokes an immediate response because, at all costs, they dare not give up their image of themselves as a superior being in a fantasy world. The spillage that could come from examining themselves in the mirror could be horrific to them—and most have lost the ability to enter the scouring world of truth, in any case. They cannot conceive that their thin-skinned responses are petty, absurd, and reek of being a third-grade spoilsport on the playground.

9) Narcissism is one of the most difficult of the delusional psychological diseases to treat because narcissism has for the most part served them well. Narcissists are successful in our contemporary world, which tells you something about our contemporary world.

Commentary on narcissists:

My experience with narcissistic humans could take up pages, but this is not about an ex-husband or former employee, or screaming in the shower for so long that my dog went outside to get sleep. It is about narcissists and what to expect of them.

That is, do not expect Donald Trump to become a rational human being. He will make his decisions based on his belief of that moment of what he thinks is best for him as ruler of his fiefdom. He does not have a rational, reality-based capacity for thought or decision.

Our President-Elect is a dangerous man who knew how to con and use nearly 50% of the people who voted in this election. He played on their fears, insecurities, prejudices, assumptions, lack of truthful and complete information, the financial inequities that affect their daily lives, and their feeling they are looked down upon by coastal “elites” and pushed aside in favor of minorities and people who are “other” than them.

He lied over and over and over and over—and a gullible (and, in some cases, biased) media gave him free press and allowed his lies to go out unchecked and unchallenged. He was perceived as a clownish bully rather than an unstable threat who could become our president. The media has a lot to answer for.

His spewings encouraged and justified violence in the minds of people who are now committing hate crimes across the U.S. This is not an illusion, it is happening, and it is happening not only to minorities but to white women I know.

And the people who voted for him for financial reasons will discover soon enough that he was never for them. They will be left further behind if his plans to lower taxes for the wealthy, limit social security and the Affordable Care Act, and deregulate the banks go into effect.

This is not even touching on the massive issues of climate change and global terrorism, or our relationship with Putin who is an even better con artist than Trump, or the setbacks and prejudices against women and their rights, or foreign relationships, or the global economy.

There it is, and it is not pretty, and it is not safe.

Still, I believe in America because I believe in Americans. I believe we will survive and we can rise. With intent and actions, we can unite across the divides to strengthen the middle of the bell curve, to reclaim the heart of who we are. We will protect each other and work together.

If our President and the Republican congress cannot serve us well, then we will have to create the Renaissance ourselves. We can do this by calling on our civil sector, our entrepreneurs, our artists, our visionaries, our lawyers for justice, our local governments and businesses, our diverse and wondrous citizens, and each other. We will not abandon the principles of this nation to a man who thinks we are his gullible throngs.

I believe this is possible with every cell in my body IF we remember at all moments that our President-Elect is incapable of self-control, rational decisions, or altruistic motives. This government must be under our watch, not his. We live in the real world and we are responsible for its care, our care, and the care of each other.


9 thoughts on “The Narcissistic Personality: trouble in River City

  1. This is a concise, vivid and compelling description of President Elect Donald J. Trump. We are fortunate in having it BEFORE the horror sets in. This will give us time and opportunity to counteract that which, unchallenged, will destroy our beloved America. Thank you, Patricia. You are giving us a chance.

  2. In Spain we see him not only as a global threat, but also the desaster result of the human being.
    Great post Patricia, I will share it on my social media. Keep fighting!

    • It is good to hear from you! … you see Trump correctly. He is a global threat. We must work together. (I hope you are well.)

  3. I see you deleted my previous comment because it did not support your position. In the next 4 years it will be obvious which side is intolerant. Have the courage to reply to me.

    • I don’t support “reasoning” that infuses my nation with hatred, anti-semitism, violence, exclusion, profiteering off of an office, racism. Period. And I will not pass it on into the world. It is not about my courage. i have been caught in gun fights and i have been tear-gassed and I have stood up to people threatening to kill me. I have friends in the US who are now being threatened, pushed, hit, and humiliated. I stand by them, and I am an expert on the characteristics and danger of narcissists.

      • Earl, I also wish to say, that nothing you wish to comment on about my blog will be posted. Do not bother to write unless you have sudden insight as to reality.

  4. Thank you Patricia – this expresses EXACTLY how I feel. I am deeply troubled that a sexist, racist, narcissist could become president of our country, and so concerned what his right wing policies will mean not only for this country but for the world. Mostly I am upset since so much that I have stood for and worked for in my life will now go backwards. We each need to speak out and stand together!

    • Kim, I am so aware of your work for years to bring better lives for women, children, and all of us. We must continue, sharpen, and strengthen this work together.

  5. Thank you, Patricia, for sharing this information. It is a heads up to all Americans that we need to stand together for our values and not to look to Trump or those who have agreed to serve under him for leadership. I thought Mitt Romney was an honorable politician when he wouldn’t support Trump, to see him going to be interviewed for a position in Trump’s government shattered that illusion.

    I thought his family would ask him to drop out and get the mental health care he needed, instead his wife and son aren’t going to disrupt their lives until school is out for Baron, while Trump is planning to disrupt the lives of million of other families come Jan 20th, 2017.
    Yes we will protect those we can and support each other.

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